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Paramount POS is an all-inclusive position of sale system provided by Paramount Payment Systems

Why Partner with Paramount Payment Systems? Paramount Payment Systems provides innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology your merchants need in an advancing world. Increase your merchant sales by selling Paramount POS with Paramount Payment Systems as your Partner.

Integrate with Leading Processors

Integrate with Leading Processors

Connect harmoniously with most major payment processors
Supports All Payment Methods
Offer Our Services

Offer Our Services

Customizable merchant processing, cash discounting, POS software, Virtual Office, Gift and Loyalty programs and much more!
Marketing, eCommerce, Loyalty Programs, POS and so much more!
Onboard Merchants Easily

Onboard Merchants Easily

Beginning generating income almost immedietely.
Easily create, manage activate or deactivate accounts for your team and merchants

Investing in Business Opportunities

Along with our expertise and time spent we also have invested an exponential amount of capital into developing the necessary tools you need to reach your full business potential.

With Paramount Payment Systems you can spend your efforts developing more important things than technology like untapped business opportunities and relationships.

Our Promise is Commitment - Together

Paramount Payment Systems enables our partners to be more successful by guaranteeing leadership, reliability and products to increase your sales and decrease merchant churn.

We promise to consistently offer you the most advanced and innovative solutions and technologies helping you to increase your revenue stream.

Paramount Payment Systems is committed to helping your business run better, together.

Creating Strong Partner Relationships

Paramount Payment Systems is a leading full-service merchant service provider offering Point of Sale software containing a portfolio of technology and solutions for all merchants nationwide. Paramount Payment Systems offer’s resources, leadership and support to our partners, creating strong partner relationships that result in mutual profitable growth.

We have already invested countless hours and resources into developing a reliable & unmatched software solution for any business. You can confidently say that you provide….and fill in the blank with any of our services and know that we’ve got your back!

Control your customer through your own powerful platform

Paramount Payment Systems’s partner-tailored programs drive growth by jointly working together with you to utilize the products you need to accelerate merchant processing sales.

We are confident that our partnership and powerful platform will elevate what your organization offers.

Complete control is granted to you & your customer through the powerful  Paramount platform.


Complete Competitive Management Solutions

Paramount Payment Systems is a trusted provider of solutions and merchant services that has demonstrated the ability to integrate with any business.

Each of our merchant service solutions is customizable to fit any merchant and provides our Partners all of the tools you need to gain a competitive advantage and to reach your full potential.

Let your merchants manage their software and you can manage your merchants.

Ready to take the next step?

Become a Paramount Payment Systems Partner today!

Paramount Payment Systems is a trusted provider of business loans customizable products, merchant processing and flexible solutions to better manage and expand your sales. We have the desire to invest in partnerships that will improve each other.