Retail POS Comparison

Main Features Feature Description Paramount POS Shopify POS Square POS Revel Clover Quickbooks POS
Complete Inventory System Sell serialized inventory, create assemblies out of your products and easily organize items with multiple variations using matrices. Run your inventory with one centralized database for your store and online shop. X x   X   X
Contactless mobile payments Offer your customers a way to pay contactlessly, anywhere in store or for curbside pickup. X x X X X  
Item Import tool Built-in item importing tool is included with the system, allowing you to import and update items in bulk. X x X X   X
Complete Omnichannel solution on one platmorm Manage your eCom and physical stores from the same system for increased efficiency and customer experience consistency. X x X     X
Custom reorder points Never run out of stock. Set your desired reorder points for all your products and see when it’s time to restock without needing an extra app. X     X    
Purchase Order Management Order from any vendor and centralize purchasing for multi-store operations. Consolidate your purchase orders and special orders in one master order. X X X X   X
Complete Multi-Store Management Reporting, gift cards, customer profiles and inventory management across all locations, from a single cloud-based platform on all plans. X X X X   X
Special Orders and Layaways Place special orders from the sales screen for products you don’t have in stock or set items aside as a layaway order for your customers. Both features included in the POS for free. X          
Customer Relationship Management From our most basic plan to most advanced, get the tools to track relevant information about your customers to personalize your service. X X X X x  
Integrated Omnichannel Loyatly Program Integrate with an omnichannel loyalty platform with built-in email marketing, a rewards program and a customer insight dashboard. X   X X X  
Complete Built-in Interactive Reporting Run comprehensive reports to track your sales, employees and overall performance over the last week, month, year or more. X X X X    
Cloud-based Across all Devices Run your retail operation from your mobile device and access all your sales and customer data remotely. X X X X x  
Track Service and Work Orders Create work orders, track repair status, accept deposits and create quotes for customers without paying extra for the tools. X          
Extensive network of Integrations Build the perfect POS solution for your business with a huge selection of plug-and-play integrations built in-house or by our trusted partners. X X X X X X
1:1 onboarding