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Point of Sale (POS) Overview


Your clients are busy. They want to book online and from their mobile phone. Make it easy for them, while reducing no-shows, with automated email and text reminders. You can also fully integrate it with built-in digital marketing and loyalty to keep them coming back.

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Paramount POS’s automated scheduling software is an ideal solution for any business that relies on booking client appointments. Salons and spas, personal trainers, medical service providers, repair shops, or professional services. It works with your calendar to check your availability and schedule, Not only is this fully integrated with our Paramount POS system but can handle 24/7 calendaring and appointment setting and can also integrate email marketing, reporting and so much more. View multiple schedules on one screen and change your availability and reschedule appointments when necessary.


With Paramount POS’s calendaring and appointment setting you can import your personal or business Google Calendar with our Paramount POS calendar to manage your schedule.


Paramount POS’s Calendaring and Appointment setting can be integrated to an online booking system which would streamline your clients’ booking experience with many ways to schedule appointments or classes.
Protect your business from lost revenue by charging no-show and cancellation fees when a client does not give enough notice before their appointment. Automate the process by enabling the Capture Credit Card feature to require that clients add a card when booking.

Customers can be added to a waitlist when your schedule is fully booked. If a customer cancels, you can manually select a customer from the waitlist, or we’ll automatically notify your waitlist customers of the availability.

Collect deposits at the time of booking for services & classes.

Require deposits for bookings that exceed a specified dollar amount.

Minimize no-shows and late cancellations by requiring a deposit at the time of booking online.
Your clients are busy. They want to book online—from their mobile phone, or after hours. Make it easy for them, while reducing no-shows, with automated email and text reminders. Then close the loop with built-in digital marketing and loyalty to keep them coming back.

Customer Management


Build strong, long-lasting customer
relationships that create loyalty and repeat sales

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Does your business use a Customer Relationship Management system, better known as CRM? If not, it should.
Large corporations have been doing this for years by using databases and CRM software. However, smaller businesses sometimes hesitate, they see CRM as a luxury, but the truth is it doesn’t have to be thought of that way. That’s because Paramount POS offers CRM capabilities with quality technology at an affordable price for any business.

What is CRM?
CRM or Customer Relationship Management offered with Paramount POS helps you increase sales by getting-to-know your customers and carefully managing your interactions with them.
How does CRM help my business?
Paramount POS’s CRM learns about your customers via the information collected at every interaction.
The Paramount POS integrated CRM:

  • Creates Action – It will encourage patrons to visit your restaurant or shop at your store. EXAMPLE: An automated Birthday email or text sent from the CRM to the customer offering a coupon, % savings, or a free item at their next visit.
  • Communicates– It keeps the communication going between you and your customer. EXAMPLE: Automated email or text campaigns on a daily, weekly or monthly basis which could contain information on specific sales items, store changes, or upcoming sales.
  • Tracks Spending – Learn about your customer’s spending habits and purchases. EXAMPLE: Using Paramount POS’s CRM, regular customers can receive specific emails or texts based on their specific purchases and buying habits.

  • Order History & Returns — Paramount POS’s CRM can assign a customer’s name or phone number to their order making reordering easy. It can also reprint prep-tickets or customer receipts, create and view notes on returns and adjustments, and search saved tickets by ticket or table number, customer name or phone number. Also, the customer’s order history can be viewable by date, order type, tender type, customer name, customer email address or ticket number. All of this while promoting accountability with reporting showing returns, voids and discounts offered by each employee.
  • Reward Programs — Paramount POS’s CRM makes it easy to create gift card or loyalty programs specifically around your customers either by specific items purchased, number of visits, or dollars spent.

  • Quickly Add or Find Customers — Create or look up customers at time of order or during checkout to keep customer records up to date. Save both time and money by easily importing customer lists into your Paramount POS system.

  • All The Little Details: When was your customer’s last purchase? When were they added to your system? How much have they spent at your business in the last 6 months?, With Paramount Point of Sale (POS) customer summaries are easily accessible and always up to date.

  • Extra CRM Fields: Customize data labels on customer records to define and track certain information about your customers. Ie; clothing size, photo of customer, photo of repair, favorite brand, kid’s names or other information that you want to know about your customers.
  • Customer Notifications
  • Create notifications that would “Pop-up” specific to individual customers with special instructions or notes that the employee needs to know at the time of purchase.
  • Email Receipts
  • Grow your email list for marketing purposes and save receipt paper at the same time. With Paramount POS you can email your customer receipts providing time-saving convenience for both the clerk and the customer while also growing your store’s email marketing list.

eCommerce & Online Ordering
According to Harvard Business Review’s study on consumer shopping habits, 73% of participants use both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce when shopping.

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Online shopping is very convenient but in-store shopping is not dead.

E-commerce enables your business to reach more customers with a well-placed online ad that can reach thousands of users locally or worldwide. While at the same time Brick-and-mortar stores create an experience that a phone, tablet or computer screen can’t provide.
With a few clicks, an online store provides customers a complete view of what a brand offers, including what’s in stock, the bestsellers, related items and current promotions. But, with in-person shopping, customers can test a product in real-time, bring it home, and exchange it for a different product or return it for a refund the next day if they aren’t 100% satisfied.
Customers won’t always find what they’re looking for on the shelves of traditional brick-and-mortar stores but they don’t want to wait to try out a product, even if waiting means a same-day delivery with Amazon Prime.


To Maximize sales businesses should be using both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar, two channels that provide unique benefits to each customer.


Successful companies are omnichannel, meaning they combine the magic of in-store experiences while providing the convenience and availability of online shopping.
Both channels provide value for consumers. Using both allows businesses to meet customers at every touchpoint of the buying process.


Using Paramount POS in-store and as your online presence will create an integration strategy producing a stronger customer experience and will likely increase customer loyalty. With Paramount POS’s omnichannel capability you can Begin selling online today and immediately increase revenues up to 700%


Paramount POS reporting provides in-depth insights on where and what people are buying Get a quick understanding of high-traffic locations, what product is selling and where to focus marketing efforts.

Using Paramount POS’s omnichannel business solution, you can guide customers toward what they want online, give a good first impression, and provide them with an in-store experience that will keep them coming back. Use Paramount POS in your traditional brick-and-mortar store so you can better leverage the online world.


Text or Email

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  • With Paramount POS marketing tools, you can create and send professional emails in minutes to your list of customers found in the CRM module of the Paramount POS software or upload a list of potential customers. Send mass emails with Sales, Loyalty updates, discounts, or specialty items. Increase your revenue and foot traffic with Free email Marketing to the folks who already know and love you as well as those who should.
  • Paramount POS built in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools allows you to track your customer’s spending and purchases. Email or Text specials on specific items that specific customers buy over and over. Use the customer data like Birthdays or Anniversaries as an opportunity to let them know you care about them. All found in Paramount POS CRM.
  • Set and deliver one-time campaigns for Holidays and Special Events. Wish all your customers a Merry Christmas. Send specific customers specific automated emails like birthdays, anniversaries as well as other specific events.
  • Plan and execute automatic email marketing campaigns including drip campaigns as well as monthly specials or sales.
  • Extend your marketing reach beyond your current customers to new and potential customers. Share current customers google or yelp ratings with new customers.
  • Track your marketing success with real time reporting and Paramount POS built in analytics.
  • Paramount POS marketing tools let you create customer filtered lists. For example, create a list of all customers who purchased a rib-eye steak in the last 3 months. Send that list a special email promoting rib-eye’s for a specific time frame, day, or event.
Employee Management

If you’re a business owner in need of a reliable and efficient point of sale (POS) system, look no further than Paramount POS.

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As a leading provider of POS solutions, we offer a comprehensive software that streamlines your sales process, improves your overall operations, and offers features such as employee management and attendance tracking.
One of the key benefits of using Paramount POS for your business is its ability to track employee hours and attendance. With this feature, you can easily set up schedules for your staff, monitor their clock-in and clock-out times, and ensure that your employees are showing up on time and working their scheduled hours. This feature is especially useful for businesses that rely on a large number of part-time or hourly employees, such as retail stores or restaurants.
Another important aspect of our POS system is its ability to manage employee roles and permissions. You can assign different roles to your employees, such as manager, cashier, or administrator, and assign specific permissions to each role. This ensures that you have control over who has access to sensitive information and prevents unauthorized access to your data.
In addition to employee management and attendance tracking, Paramount POS also offers a wide range of other features that can benefit your business. These include inventory tracking, sales reporting, and payment processing, as well as a user-friendly interface that can be easily integrated with other systems, such as accounting software or e-commerce platforms.
As a leading provider of POS solutions, we are committed to helping businesses of all sizes improve their operations and increase their revenue. By choosing Paramount POS, you can rest assured that you are getting a top-of-the-line POS system that will drive results for your business. Visit our website at to learn more about our offerings and how we can help your business succeed.

  • Create and send employees schedules
  • Create a repeating schedule for an employee
  • View the scheduled hourly cost per employee and total
  • Color code each job code for scheduling visualization
  • Create and send news flashes for employees to view when they pin in
  • Manage and edit employee time punches
  • Download the time and pay report CSV file for payroll submission

Permission Settings
Register Permissions

  • Clock In\Out
  • Enter a register start | end amount
  • Create & View Tickets
  • Split | Transfer Tickets
  • Settle Tips Make Pay In | Outs
  • Disable Tax on Items | Tickets
  • Set In-Store Pricing
  • Processing Adjustments, Returns and Voids
  • View Ticket History
  • Delete Saved Tickets
  • Access the Administrator Panel
  • Edit the Employee Scheduler
  • View Reports
  • Setup | Modify Hardware via the tablet
  • View | Edit Inventory
  • View | Edit All Tips
  • Process Manual Returns

Supervisor Permissions

  • Set Up Hardware and edit app Settings
  • Edit Account Information
  • Manage Employees
  • Customize Receipts and Edit Receipt Settings
  • Manage Hardware Information
  • Modify Menu Settings
  • Add or adjust inventory items and prices
  • Create Inventory tablet Display Settings
  • Access and Adjust Supplier Information
  • View Sales and Inventory Reports
  • Edit Employee Clock In/Out Times
  • Activate or Deactivate Customer Loyalty Programs

Multi-Location Permissions

  • Add Additional Business Locations
  • Transfer Data between Locations
  • View Reports for Multiple Locations
Gift & Loyalty

Reward your customers and you will reward yourself with Paramount POS’s customer loyalty software.

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As a business owner you want to turn a potential one-time customer into constantly returning customer. Increasing your customer retention rate by just 5% can increase your profits anywhere from 25-95%! Its that big of a deal!
Paramount POS’s loyalty program shows customers how much you value them by offering exclusive perks and rewards. Keep the ones you already have and give new shoppers a solid reason to keep coming back! Our software allows you to customize incentives and rewards that work for you and for your customers keeping them loyal to you.

  • Enroll customers into your loyalty program right at the point of sale (POS)
  • Customize loyalty points on specific products or dollars spent to increase sales
  • Track points digitally—no punch cards required
  • Run double or triple-point events to encourage people to buy at specified times or during sales

Keep Customers Engaged and Wanting More. Tailor a custom loyalty program that encourages customers to keep coming back.
Customize Your Reward Experience
Design your loyalty program to work for you and your customers. With Paramount POS, take control of your loyalty program and choose how your customers earn:
  • Earn a loyalty point for each transaction
  • Earn loyalty points based on purchase amount
  • Earn loyalty points for specific products
  • Take insights from your POS reporting Console which includes sales information and Loyalty Program data to develop rewards your customers will love.
  • “The Paramount POS loyalty program is tremendous. It’s easy and there are no cards or paper, it’s all done electronically. We just need to know their name or phone number and we’re in business. The no-card system now has 42,000 people in only six months and customers love the rewards. Paramount POS has thought of everything!”


    Using Paramount POS for managing inventory is one of the best decisions a business can make. For any business that sells products, inventory management using Paramount POS can save money for every business.

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    Inventory is the most expensive asset that small businesses hold. If inventory in held too long, it may become obsolete. If a business doesn’t have enough inventory on hand, the business is in danger of stocking out and ruining customer relations.

    Using Paramount POS for inventory management can save a business money because it will tell the business owner when, what, and how much to order at a given time.

    1. Paramount POS Inventory management is FREE and comes with the basic POS setup for every merchant.
    2. With Paramount POS inventory system, you can SCAN and HOLD over 500 thousand barcode SKU’s. or import existing SKUs and codes to track items using the UPC functionality on your tablet and Virtual Office
    3. Integrated Bluetooth BARCODE SCANNERS make the job of incoming and outgoing inventory a snap.,
    4. Perform BULK ADJUSTMENTS of quantity or price
    5. Paramount POS Inventory reporting can alert you to your BEST SELLERS and NON-SELLERS so you can make informed inventory purchases.
    6. Always know exactly when stock levels are low and be informed when it is time to place re-orders with LOW INVENTORY ALERTS
    7. Paramount Position of Sale allows you to view inventory levels, transfer data and run reports for one or MULTIPLE LOCATIONS
    8. Paramount POS is cloud based, meaning you can manage your inventory from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

    Here are some tips for using effective inventory management Paramount point-of-sale (POS) Inventory management in your small business.

    Paramount POS Can Reduce Ordering Costs

    A small business cannot maximize its profit without continuing to keep ordering costs low. Paramount POS helps keep ordering costs low by telling you when exactly to order, how much to order, and what exactly needs to be ordered.

    Paramount POS Can Reduce Carrying Costs

    Carrying costs are the costs of storing the inventory. Not only can storage costs be high if you have too much inventory on hand, but you can also run into the problem of obsolescence. Both can be a drain on business profitability.
    A perpetual inventory tracking system records adjustments to inventory balances after every transaction through Paramount POS inventory management. You can access the balance in your inventory account at any time. Paramount POS allows you to order inventory only as you need it. Both and perpetual inventory tracking may minimize the costs of ordering and carrying inventory.

    Advantages of Using Paramount POS for Inventory Management

    Here are some advantages of using Paramount POS for inventory management:1

    • Generates reports automatically: Both sales and inventory reports can be generated for any time period at any time and from anywhere.
    • Increases business profitability: Paramount POS lowers the costs of carrying and ordering inventory making the profitability of the business improve.
    • Allows for remote management: If a business has more than one location, the owner or manager does not have to worry about theft of inventory since Paramount POS inventory management keeps track.
    • Allows for dynamic inventory management: The use of Paramount POS allows for the business owner to use just-in-time inventory management or a perpetual inventory system.
    • No-contact transactions: This is important now and in the future.

    Studies show the more payment options customers have; the more sales a business can make.

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    Email Invoices

    • Customers don’t have to make trips to the mailbox to send payment. They will receive their invoice by email with a link to a checkout page for a convenient and easy way to pay from the comfort of home.
    • Better record keeping, because storing and retrieving older paper statements becomes a challenge. Paramount POS Invoice technology simplifies the process since all invoices sent and payments received are automatically stored and reporting retrieved from the cloud at anytime from anywhere.
    • Less waste, Paramount POS electronic invoicing removes unnecessary paper from your customer’s lives and going green may help you attract new customers.
    • Like Emailed invoices Text-To-Pay customers wont have to make trips to the mailbox to send payment. The invoice is sent via text and comes across as a link your customer can click and pay from the convenience of their mobile phone or tablet.
    • In 2022 70% of web browsing and shopping occurs on text enabled mobile devices compared to 30% desktop computers.
    • Less waste, Paramount POS Text-to-Pay removes unnecessary paper from your customer’s lives and going green may help you attract new customers.
      QR Payments
    • QR-printed receipts make payments easy for customers by letting them checkout out at their convenience directly from their phone.
    • At a restaurant, customers can take a photo of their receipt and pull up their bill for a smooth tableside checkout. Tables can easily split tabs between a group and tip all from their phone.
    • Capture your customers wherever they are. Place QR codes on marketing material and storefronts to bring them to online menus, landing pages, ordering screens, and more.
    Point of Sale (POS) Overview
    Stations and Handhelds