Track Time & Attendance with POS

Easy for Your Employees

Employees easily clock in and out directly on the screen with a unique Pin Number

View Previous, Past and Future Schedules as well as hours worked when clocking in & out

Practical for you

Relay important information with a newsflash View a current log of hours worked

Save time by copying previous schedules with the touch of a button and copy one week’s schedule to the next

Make edits to employee’ts schedules, add shifts if they forget to clock in and out

Email schedules to employees or post a printed out schedule


Scheduling Simplified for All

Staff to management communication system allows for direct messaging on the screen and Virtual Office between you and your staff – no written notes to worry about

  • Create and send employees schedules
  • Create a repeating schedule for an employee
  • View the scheduled hourly cost per employee and total
  • Color code each job code for scheduling visualization
  • Create and send news flashes for employees to view when they pin in
  • Manage and edit employee time punches
  • Download the time and pay report CSV file for payroll submission