POS Order Types

Ordering Formats

Select a default order type and activate or deactivate to customize the options available on your point of sale. Modify settings to include inventory items and tax rates specific per order type. View reports and compare sales by order type. Walk-in, Pick-Up, Delivery, Dine-In. Choose one or all.


Paramount POS is an in-depth platform that allows you to grow into a more customer-focused business. Quickly enter a customer’s information (including pictures if you want) into your system to add them to your loyalty database. View complete order history, easily re-order favorite items, link loyalty points earned from each purchase, view redeemable loyalty points, add multiple addresses and special notes such as a birthday or anniversary to make your customer’s day that much more special.

Stay Organized

View customer data based on order type, items purchased or visit frequency. Run reports to show type of order by the month, week, day or hour to increase efficiency and align sales efforts during the busy times.